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The track is our lab. Total Quartz.

The track is our lab. TOTAL QUARTZ


To guarantee the best performance of our engine oils, we have been involved in motorsport competitions worldwide for over 45 years with hundreds of victories and multiple FIA World Champion titles.

We have experienced some of the toughest track conditions known to man - the roughest deserts, the fastest racing circuits and the snowiest mountains. While most engine oils would shy away from these harsh competitive environments; they have become the ideal testing grounds for TOTAL QUARTZ. Therefore, the engineers who have developed our competition oils have developed our TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants range, creating a cutting-edge technology that provides the ultimate engine protection and guarantees optimal performance from the racing track to your car.

Performing to the extremes

Rally Raid

Through extreme desert conditions of heat, sand and dust in Rally Raid, such as Dakar Rally, TOTAL QUARTZ guarantees an ultimate engine protection for the Peugeot 3008DKR Maxi. Total and Peugeot are historic partners and winners of the Dakar.

Endurance Race

Endurance is the ultimate test of the engine’s long-lasting performance. The victories of the Aston Martin Racing team in one of  the most demanding races, including 24 Hours of  Le Mans, have proven TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil’s reliability.


Performing in extreme temperatures over changing landscapes, on gravels, mud and asphalt can be very challenging. After numerous victories and titles, Citroën Racing continues to trust TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil’s excellent reliability
in the FIA World Rally Championship.

Total Quartz. Tested on the track, available to everyone

Our experience in motorsport racing competitions has enabled us to formulate TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils that meet the highest standards of protection and performance even in the most demanding conditions or extreme weather.

Recommended by the best in motorsport