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TIG 6: new version of our industrial lubrication data processing software

Since its debut in 1987, TIG has been updated regularly to add new features and make it easier to use. About 1,000 user licenses have been issued for the previous version, TIG XP 5, introduced in 2002 and now being used by some 400 customers. Although it’s still operational, the 2002 version required a complete overhaul to take into account user feedback, incorporate new features and comply with the requirements of today’s information systems.

Mobility and Top Performance

TIG 6 can be custom-configured to tackle the lubrication management needs of everything from a factory to a ship or a fleet of machinery. A mobile version for Windows 8, Android and iOS that includes barcode- or RFID-based management is also available for direct use onsite. Users can design an optimal maintenance plan with just one software application that manages every maintenance activity

Reaching Out to Customers

TIG users receive comprehensive support that encompasses training, user tips and technical assistance.TIG 6 has been implemented for the first time at the Lafarge Emirates cement plant, after two days of training for TIG staff at Total Marketing Middle East LLC


Definition of maintenance categories (preventive, corrective, condition-based)

Lubricants service scheduling and history Critical control points (quality and safety procedures)

Management of in-service oil analyses

Sampling procedures Direct importing of ANAC oil analysis results Logging of values, diagnostics and comments Statistical and graphics module for trend analyses

Integrated document management (lubricants information, procedures, standards, legislation and supplier documents)

Tracking of lubricants and spare parts

Consumption forecasting and tracking Management of lubes inventories, orders and deliveries

Custom configuration

Download the leaflet presenting our TOTAL TIG 6 software for optimized maintenance of industrial lubricants

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