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19/09/2017 News

Worldwide: The launch of new ANAC Indus Oil analysis !

he launch of New ANAC INDUS oil analysis!

Our new « ANAC INDUS » oil analysis service incorporates some major improvements. A brief summary:

  • Upgraded limits for lubricants, wear elements and pollutants
  • Additional “Alert” color
  • Additional elements Barium, Lithium, Potassium
  • Determination of “over-additivation”
  • Re- organization of the chapters of the report
  • Replacement of “Aquatest” water determination by “Karl Ficher Oven” method
  • Addition of specific diagnosis for FOOD range oils and windmill applications

TOTAL ANAC Indus oil analysis helps our industrial customers to:

  • Monitor the evolutions in the state of the oil.
  • Assess the operating conditions of the machine.
  • Reduce the maintenance costs.
  • Plan the maintenance operations and reduce the production stoppages.
  • Optimize the oil drain frequencies.
  • Control that the lubricant used is the best suited to the operating conditions.
  • Identify the origin of possible pollutions.
  • Use along other condition based maintenance methods (vibration analyses, thermography, etc.)


The Anac Indus diagnostic of an oil relies on :

  • Its nature (commercial name + grade) : ex Azolla ZS 32
  • Its application : ex Hydraulic
  • The type of industry : ex Paper industry
  • The lubricated machine : Criticality. Capacity of the tank. Operating conditions
  • Previous analyses : History of the oil. History of the machine
  • Remarks and comments written by the customer


The diagnosis report is available within 72 hours (Classic standard) after reception in the lab.

It is dispatched either by post or e-mail, and then is available on the Internet You can have a detailed overview of the main functionalities and benefits on ANAC INDUS oil analysis in our enclosed leaflet