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12/09/2017 Event


unstoppable by total

Rolled out 18 months ago by Automotive Communications, the “Unstoppable by Total”Facebook page draws a crowd of car, motorsports and sports fans.

A Winner

The Facebook page publishes content related to TOTAL and ELF brands and sparks interactions that bring us closer to our future customers.

Another bid to boost awareness of our brand in our target markets, Unstoppable by Total has helped us reach more than 28 million people and generated close to 1.4 million interactions since January 1, 2016.

The Total Package

To heighten this impact and keep upwith the different social media practices, we’ve just created a Twitter account and a YouTube channel.We now have a way to showcase our various videos on motorsport, partnerships and products through organized YouTube playlists, spurring our audience to seek out more content related to our brands.

Unstoppable by Total also gives our fans and followers a chance to go behind the scenes of the motorsports world, via Facebook Live and Periscope, tested during the last 24 Hours of Le Mans race.