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12/09/2017 Event


Your car deserves the best for its maintenance, which is why it’s important not to forget the most important servicing operations such as oil change, brakes, tires, air conditioning, electrical equipment...

Car manufacturers no longer provide paper service book in the car's glove compartment. Many car drivers lose their maintenance book the first year. How can they remember the operations performed if they have not carefully noted what has been done and where? If one has to manage several cars per family, storing all information becomes time-consuming. When selling their car, how do the owners justify an updated service book to sell their car at the right price?

Total has studied the case. Recently, Total has found the ideal partner to offer a digital solution to the customers of its Rapid oil change and service centers.


TOTAL in Dubai is proud to launch the Digital Service Book

Digital book Total

Total Marketing Middle East has just launched in partnership with (Michelin) an innovative tool to help the car drivers maintain their car well and manage their budget.

A tool at the disposal of the car owners

This new online service is free. It allows motorists to manage and track automotive maintenance expenses. Once the car drivers have created their Digital Service Book with a maximum of 3 vehicles, they receive alerts by email or sms to remind them of their car maintenance at the right time and sometimes with a discount



TOTAL Digital Service Book is a solution that guarantees:

  • ✓ A better & easier way to manage your car maintenance routine.
  • ✓ A safe storage of your invoices & car documents
  • ✓ Access Available anywhere and anytime.
  • ✓ A better resale value of your car.