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08/09/2017 Event


innovative construction equipment

Bauma*, which was held in April 2016, is more than just a vast gathering of construction machinery – it’s an opportunity for the industry to come together to share and impart their knowledge and experience and to showcase peripheral services. 3,400 exhibitors in 605,000 m2 of stand and half a million visitors

Roadbuilding & Compaction

This year, US company GOMACO introduced its 3300 multiapplication slipform paver to the audience at Bauma, as well as its new GP3 machine, which it calls ‘the world’s most intelligent concrete paver for slipforming widths up to 30 feet (9.14 m).’
Features on the 3300 include advanced steering capabilities with Smart Leg and Track Positioning, as well as a Smart Telescoping Mold mounting system, which allows paving from both sides of the paver.

The paver includes a U-shaped operator platform, giving an enhanced view of the overall paving operation.
Along with a 20-foot (6.1 m) conveyor, with four-way hydraulic positioning, which allows improved placement of the concrete into the hopper on either side of the paver, the control console slides from side-to-side, dependent on the direction of the pour.
Hydraulic rotational devices on the tracks – combined with GOMACO’s latest G+ technology – aids the 3300’s steering capabilities. The paver can quickly change from one mold profile to another, using GOMACO’s Hook-and-Go moldmounting system. The trimmerhead and mold also shift sideways and adjust vertically, clearing obstacles and allowing the 3300 to get much closer to them.
The dual-telescoping GP3 slipform paver paves to a maximum width of 30 feet (9.14 m), and is the first in a series of GOMACO pavers to feature next generation technology.

It combines Smart Frame Widening, allowing it to accommodate multiple width changes, with Smart Leg
Positioning and Smart Steering, which are all controlled by the GOMACO-exclusive G+ digital control system. It’s certainly making a case for being ‘the world’s most intelligent paver.’

Also making its debut at Bauma is GOMACO’s 4400 barrier paver, with right and left-side pour. Th e company says this GP3 machine is the world’s most intelligent in its segment. The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 slipform paver was also on the stand, set up to pave a 7.5 meter (24.6 ft) slab. Along with a host of paving equipment, the GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI) has been showcased as a tool combining rideability with on-the-go smoothness monitoring.


JCB has been showcasing its range of new machines at Bauma, with its new compact wheeled excavator, the Hydradig, being a key focus. Hydradig is described as a digging, lifting, loading and toolcarrying machine for urban construction, highway maintenance and municipal operations. The company said it listened to its customers’ needs, and ensured that Hydradig would deliver on five key areas – visibility, stability, mobility, manoeuvrability and serviceability. Operators have a 360° view from the cab, with visibility right down to each of its four wheels. The machine’s stability comes as a result of its low centre of gravity, which is said to allow stable lifting and faster travel speeds. The Hydradig can reach speeds of 40km/h when traveling between sites, while an all-wheel steer gives it urban usability. Hydradig can also be serviced from ground level, as the company said it wanted to maximise the safety of operators when servicing the machine.

The Hydradig’s power comes from its Ecomax Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim diesel engine, producing 81 kW. The engine achieves the Tier 4 Interim emission levels without a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), reducing cost and complexity for the customer, said JCB.
The new excavator is equipped with three steering modes as standard. These are – two wheel steering for security at road speeds, four-wheel and crab steering. A front axle with 8° of oscillation delivers rough terrain traction and stability, it said.
An optional reverse steering button on the main console allows the operator to use all three steering modes while the cab is facing in either direction. Hydradig offers a tight turning circle of just 3.9 m on single tyres, rising to 4.5 m when equipped with a front-mounted dozer blade.
Meanwhile, JCB has also showcased its new 4- to 6-tonne midi excavators. Its features include 500-hour greasing intervals, improved cab instrumentation, an 18% increase in the operator’s cab capacity, an 11% improvement in visibility, a 9% boost to bucket tearout, and a 5% additional dump height. XCMG showcased its LW1100KN large-tonnage wheeled loader before the European market at Bauma.
The new machine is designed to be used on port projects, logistics enterprises and large mining undertakings.
As well as enhanced power and stability, the LW1100KN promises reliability and boasts a host of safety features, including XCMG’s new integrated FOPS/ROPS monolithic cab, connected to the framework with silicone oil shock absorbers.
XCMG says the loader offers significantly improved efficiency, with load-sensitive technology adjusting the pressure and flow rate to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

The loader’s Cummins electronically-controlled engine, with direct injection and turbocharging, offers a high torque coefficient and enhanced power, while the ZF single-turbine torque converter and automatic transmission adds to reliability. The LW1100KN’s gearbox has four forward gears and three reverse, which can be switched automatically or manually. Front and rear frames of the loader have been given more rigidity and overload resistance, giving the machine the capability to withstand greater torsion and impact.
Additionally, the limit-sensing mechanism is able to ‘remember’angles, offering more accurate lifting and loading and reducing repeated operations, making the machine more efficient.
XCMG also showcased its new compact and easy to maintain XE35U mini excavator.
Suitable for working in limited space, the front working arm’s ability to rotate 75° to the left and 50° to the right gives the XE35U the capacity for wall-parallel excavating.

Additionally, the tail-less design means the rear of the machine never moves out beyond the excavator’s track footprint during a 360° rotation. The Yanmar Stage IIIA-compliant engine and hydraulic system are matched, ensuring optimal fuel consumption, and the hydraulic system itself is optimized to make the most efficient use of a multiple-pump system, which incorporates high-pressure Bridgestone hoses.
The excavator’s chassis system and structural parts are reinforced and durable, adding class-leading stability to its speed and versatility in moving between excavation, material crushing and cutting, and pit/hole drilling operations.
Inside the cab, operator’s benefit from spacious work area, a cool and warm air-conditioning system and a woven fabric seat.
A colour monitor also feeds data back to the operator in real time.

AVANT TECNO’S new e5 a fully-electric battery-powered loader concept was on show at Bauma 2016, as well as its new Avant 200 series.
Th e e5 is in the same size class as the Avant 500 series, offering zero emissions, extremely low noise and low running costs, according to the company. The e5 is said to have approximately the same technical capabilities as an Avant 500 series machine and it can run many of the Avant attachments.
Th e Finnish company said that a battery-operated machine was especially well suited for indoor areas where no or verylittle ventilation is possible. Its low noise level enables work in noise restricted areas or where minimum interference caused by worksite noise is a benefit, said Avant.
Demolition and construction projects are highlighted by Avant as being among the potential customer base. It said that many such customers needed a machine with a relatively short working cycle during a work day, and so the battery life was not such a big issue for them.
The e5 is equipped with a 201Ah lead acid battery. It has two separate electric motors – 6kW motor for driving the machine and 2kW motor for loader boom operation and auxiliary hydraulics. Avant e5 has a 30 litres/m auxiliary hydraulics flow, which allows working with various Avant attachments, including a hydraulic hammer and various grapples.

Meanwhile, production of a new Avant 200 series has started.
It is described as a compact multi-purpose loader that was useful in places where space was limited and a lightweight machine was necessary. It can tackle smaller scale demolition jobs, too, said Avant.
YANMAR showed on its stand in BAUMA its latest two wheeled loaders and its new C50R-5 carrier model, as well as its B7-6 Sigma excavators.
Yanmar said its Sigma concept and the SV100 two-piece boom enabled quick and precise operation in narrow spaces – an advantage for road construction and work in urban areas. The SV100 two-piece boom is the first Yanmar excavator with an articulated boom.

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