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11/09/2017 Event



Carter SG is a brand-new, high-performance synthetic oil based on water-soluble polyalkylene glycols (PAGs), designed for industrial bearings and gears.

Its outstanding properties in terms of viscosity index, wear resistance and especially oxidation stability make it the benchmark product in the market.

Thanks to its increased compatibility with the main competing lubricants and its improved performance, TOTAL Carter SG will enable us to significantly boost our sales in the target markets compared to its predecessor, TOTAL Carter SY.

Various Industrial Applications

The oil’s main applications are the worm gear speed reducers used, for example, to drive of rotary tubs, vertical crushers and extruders. This type of equipment is commonly found in cement plants, sugar refineries and the chemical industry.

One innovative outlet for PAGs is lubricating the bearings of wood pellet presses. TOTAL Carter SG has already racked up its first success in this area with, very positive feedback from the customer after one year of use.

Discover our TOTAL CARTER SG product sheet