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21/04/2021 News

America : EV FLUID Webinar

Do you believe in electric mobility?

Total will present its fluid solutions to answer the needs of current and future electric and hybrid vehicles.

Join us on May 17th to know more about the world of tomorrow.


Thomas Gillet a chemist engineer of Total
  • Thomas GILLET: Thomas is a chemist engineer graduated in 2015 with a specialization in formulation. After 2 years within the R&D department where he worked on lubricant for Off-Road and Gas Engine application, he moved to Total Lubrifiants business line as a product engineer in charge of driveline fluids development. Since 2019 he has been responsible for the Driveline & Electric Fluid (DEF) team in charge of the development of conventional and electrified driveline & battery fluids.
Gérard Quoirin a battery specialist of Total
  • Gérard QUOIRIN: Gérard has been working in the lithium battery word for more than 15 years. Starting with a PhD in synthesis and characterization of Lithium cells, he developed several lithium traction batteries for hybrid or EV applications. After an experience with a battery maker where he gained a great knowledge of the EV and hybrid applications, he has joined Total Lubrifiants last year as battery specialist to support and develop the cooling solutions.


Presentation of Total Group & Total Lubrifiants
eDrive: New requirements for a new application

  • Dry Vs. Wet e-motor: Driving range autonomy increase only possible to Power density increase: Thermal management with oil cooling, winding temperature decreased  by more than 50%.
  • Material compatibility: Copper compatibility is one of the main requirements for EV Fluids. Introduction of new testing methods developed by Total.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ EV-DRIVE MP: a tailor made solution for the customers

Battery : Dielectric fluids for Li-ions batteries: the cooling by Total

  • Battery Thermal Management Systems of the Lithium battery
  • Immersion cooling: the solution for heat exchange increase
  • Immersed cooling solutions by Total: an adapted range for different purposes


EV FLUID product