DS Automobiles unveils its all-electric racecar for the 2018/19 Formula E Championship

The 2018/2019 FIA Formula E Championship season will mark the beginning of a new era for electric car racing as the second generation of all-electric single-seater racing cars takes center stage. These next-generation cars will feature a fully revamped chassis, a new aerodynamics system to generate extra downforce and reduce drag, a new 54kWh battery, new tires and a new cockpit. Rising up to the challenge, Total’s partner DS Automobiles unveiled its latest all-electric racecar for Formula E - the DS E-Tense FE 19 - at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show.




Total has been supporting DS Performance in its commitment to the FIA Formula E Championship as part of an agreement signed with PSA Group that runs until 2021. Total provides dedicated products, lubricants and fluids to boost the efficiency of DS cars and reduce their energy consumption. Total also provides product training and specific promotional and communication tools for the DS sales network.

With three years of Formula E experience under its belt, Total’s partner DS Performance has been able to rethink the car’s drivetrain with the DS E-Tense FE 19 and its motor DS E-MOTOR 19 includes an optimized energy recovery system. DS E-Tense FE 19 also comes with a new transmission system, a new rear suspension arrangement, a new cooling system, a new fully active braking system, and a new electronics system designed to optimize energy management.

DS Performance Director Xavier Mestelan Pinon believes that next-generation electric racecars will have an impact beyond competitive racing and cars such as the DS E-Tense FE 19 will help bring high-performance electric cars to the public.

“DS E-Tense FE 19’s drivers will benefit from both twice the range and higher performance, and these gains mirror the phenomenal progress that has been made in the world of electric vehicle technology. It is thanks to this level of technology that we are able to offer our customers ever more innovative cars and even higher performance,” he said.

For its first public appearance, DS E-Tense FE 19 will feature a matt black finish as an expression of DS Performance’s new visual signature, and a golden livery, to give it a “French touch”.

The 2018/19 FIA Formula E Championship will be the fifth edition of the electric-car motor racing competition launched back in 2014 by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. The competition is an opportunity for the industry to popularize electric cars among motorsport fans while fostering innovation in automobile electrification among car manufacturers. Total’s partner DS Automobiles first participated in the year-long event during season two of the championship in 2015/16, when new technical regulations provided constructors the opportunity to demonstrate their particular expertise. This year, DS Automobiles will be the only French FIA-approved manufacturer to take part.