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Answer to your need: Scooters

Scooter engines present unique challenges. We offer a wide range of high-quality lubricants specifically formulated to meet the needs of scooter engines.

Why do you need 4 stroke scooter oils?

The majority of scooters and motorcycles use a 4 stroke transmission. This has the engine, and clutch housed as a single unit along with the gearbox. This creates a complex set of conditions that require a specialist oil for scooters if you want to achieve optimal engine performance.

Our range of 4 stroke scooter oils:

Why do you need 2 stroke scooter oils?

2 stroke scooter engine oils need to be formulated very differently from oils for 4 stroke engines. With 2 cycles, more lubrication is lost through combustion. 2 stroke engines have double the speed of rotation compared to 4 stroke engines, and up to double the power. They also consume oil at 4 to 8 times the rate of a 4 stroke engine. This is why Total has formulated TOTAL HI PERF 2T SCOOTER SAE 30, our dedicated 2 stroke scooter oil, to meet these requirements.

How do Total oils improve performance?

Total oils provide superior lubrication, forming a strong film over all moving parts to give you a smoother ride and exceptional fuel efficiency.

How do Total oils optimise protection?

Total oils are formulated to protect your engine from wear, high temperatures and corrosion.

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