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Answer to your need: 2 stroke motorcycles

Why do I need Total 2 stroke motorcycle oils?

A 2 stroke motorcycle has very specific requirements from a lubricant. 2 stroke engines have a much higher oil consumption than 4 stroke engines -- at least 4 times higher, and possibly as much as 8 times higher. Lubrication is lost due to combustion at a surprising rate. 2 stroke engines also have a higher power rate, sometimes double that of 4 stroke engines. For these reasons, we've developed a range of motor oils designed to meet the specific needs of 2 stroke engines.

What 2 stroke motorcycle oils does the Total range include?

Our 2 stroke motorcycle oils include:

How do Total lubricants promote performance improvement?

The correct lubricant produces superior performance by cooling and protecting your engine for a smoother, more efficient ride. Our lubricants also improve performance by ensuring that the space between the piston and the cylinder is properly sealed. Because friction is reduced in your engine, our lubricants also improve your motorcycle's fuel efficiency.

How do Total lubricants optimise protection?

Because friction between moving parts is minimised, your engine is protected against wear. Our lubricants also offer complete protection against corrosion and promote engine cleanliness. This means an extended engine lifespan, with fewer repairs and lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of your 2 stroke motorcycle.

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