An ANAC oil sample analysis will help you out!

Just like a blood analysis allows your doctor to assess your physical health, ANAC will diagnose the mechanical health through your engines blood : the used oil…

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Who for?

ANAC is not limited anymore to the professional market (Transport & Public Works) and industrial market. The ANAC now extend its oil analysis service to the private persons. You own a car, motorcycle, pleasure boat or any other engine driven vehicle ? or you want to buy one ?

You are interested to know the mechanical health of your engine or other driveline component ? Thus the ANAC oil analysis kit is for you!

Which information do you get by an ANAC diagnosis ?

Every engine part will wear under operation, even when correctly lubricated. This wear generates very small metallic particles ( a few microns in size) which are captured by the lubricant and kept in suspension.

Every engine part has its own metallurgical concept and therefore the kind of metal(s) identifie(s) the wearing engine part, and the concentration of the metal in the oil ( measured in ppm = mg metal per kg oil ) indicates the wear rate. The ANAC database, established on a history of over 4 million previously performed oil analyses, contains references of the typical wear metal values for all engine types.

ANAC compares the wear values measured in your sample with the database references of your engine type. The objective of the motor oil comparision is to assess if the wear rate is normal. This ANAC diagnosis is also able to detect any problem which needs to be solved in order to prevent damage. An increase of the engine wear very often finds its cause in the presence of oil contamination elements : water, cooling liquid, fuel, dust, soot,…These contaminants are also measured in the ANAC lab, as well as the motor oil viscosity of the oil, which can be influenced by these elements. Finally, a clear comment by an ANAC Expert on engine and lubrification summarizes the diagnosis and gives you advice on interventions if needed.

How much is an oil testing kit?

The ANAC price of a 1 oil testing kit is 89,- Euro all included ( sampling kit, analysis, diagnosis, freight costs, VAT)

How to order?

  • Click on the button "Buy ANAC kit". You will be linked to the ANAC shop.
  • Enter your order and your address data following the on-line instructions.
  • Make your payment through the secured pay site.

How to send the sample to the ANAC ?

After completing the order and payment, ANAC will send you an oil testing kit (sampling kit containing a syringe bottle, a tube, a pre-addressed envelope , an info letter and a manual .)

Orders are executed within 48 hours. (Delivery time in European countries +/- 2 days) Fill the bottle and complete the info sheet according to the instructions in the manual and send them to ANAC in the pre-addressed envelope. ANAC will send the oil diagnosis report to your e-mail address within 48H of reception of your sample.