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The in-depth ANAC oil test system for driveline components

TOTAL ANAC Expert is an in-depth, personalized diagnosis system for engines, gearboxes and other driveline components.

TOTAL ANAC Expert is recommended for:

  • Detailed follow–up of component wear and lubricant behavior.
  • Spot analysis and diagnosis in special cases (breakdowns, claims, expertise, …)
  • Analysis of new lubricants.


Mechanical wear:

Wear elements :Iron, Lead, Copper, Tin, Chromium, Aluminium, Nickel (ppm)

Oil contamination:

Silicon (ppm), Soot* ( %) , Water (%), Cooling Liquid*(presence) , Fuel* (%)

Characteristics of the lubricant:

Oil viscosity ( mm2/s ) at 40°C and 100°C , Viscosity Index
Base Number TBN* ( mg KOH/g) or Acid Number TAN** ( mg KOH/g)
Sulphated Ash and Oxidation*


Additive elements Ca, Zn, P, Mg, Mo, Ba, V, Na, B, K, Ag
* engines - ** for other components


The ANAC diagnosis and comments are established by a TOTAL ANAC expert. Specialized in engine and lubricant technology, the ANAC expert is aided by the TOTAL ANAC database. This ANAC database has reference data of all current part types, calculated on over 4 million analysis of oil tests. Also the database of feedback on successful corrective actions by the users is at the disposal of the specialist of the TOTAL ANAC EXPERT analysis. The specialist of the TOTAL ANAC EXPERT analysis takes into account the specific knowledge on the usage conditions and possible remarks by the user. The ANAC performs personalised answers on questions by the users.


The ANAC diagnosis report is available within 48 hours per e mail after reception of the oil sample in the lab. It also can be consulted on the Internet (ANAC website). In urgent cases, the report will be faxed, as soon as the oil test is done and the diagnosis ready.