Total Lubricants for the paper industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the paper industry, performance is key. A malfunction, shutdown or inefficiency anywhere in the paper manufacturing process can cause heavy financial losses. Total Lubrifiants offers a range of high-performance lubricants formulated for the specific needs of the paper industry.

Total's paper industry products

  • Total Misola: Ashless circulation oils. Available in mineral base, semi-synthetic and synthetic form.
  • Total Carter XEP: High-performance mineral oil for open gear units. Optimised for heavy loads and extreme temperatures.
  • Total Azolla AF and ZS: Ashless mineral oils with specially selected additives, developed for hydraulic circuits. Free from heavy metals and zinc salts.
  • Ceran XM: High-performance greases for wet areas.

Total Altis: Oils for open gears

  • Total Altis EM2: Multi-purpose polyurea grease for high temperatures and high speeds.
  • Total Altis SH2: Synthetic polyurea grease. Optimised for high performance at high speeds, high temperatures and at extreme pressures.

Total expertise

Total is a world leader in the field of industrial lubricants. We work closely with equipment manufacturers and leaders in the paper industry to continuously improve and refine our products.

Meeting your needs

The paper sector faces unique constraints and demands. High temperatures, constant humidity and corrosive atmospheres all impact your machinery. At the same time, paper manufacturers must continuously address the environmental impact of their businesses at every stage. Total Lubrifiants is committed to supporting maximum machine performance whilst promoting environmental responsibility. Our global presence means that you can always rely on support from Total's expert local support network.

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