Manufacturers in the textile industry have to work under difficult technical constraints, including demanding operating environments and compliance with both REACH and OEKO-TEX standards. Total Lubrifiants has developed products for the textile industry with these exacting requirements in mind.


Total's textile product range


Textile Speciality Ranges

  • Lissolfix: high quality coning oils.
  • Tixo: needle oils for circular/flatbed knitting.
  • Electrofix: antistatic lubricants (non-woven textiles in needle punching and tufting operations).
  • Texinol: antistatic lubricants (carding/combing processes).
  • Paratex Range: yarn overoiling lubricants/sizing agents for weaving, warping and beaming.
  • Deterfix TB: rinsing bath coning oils for lubricating bobbins after dyeing.
  • Deterfix: water soluble detergents formulated to eliminate textile lubricants via washing process in textile industry contexts.



  • Multis EP 2: multipurpose extreme pressure lithium/calcium grease.
  • Altis SH 2: high performance synthetic grease for high speed bearings.
  • Statermic X400: very high-performance grease formulated to resist extreme temperatures, chemical pollutants.



  • Cortis XHT: high temperature chain oils.
  • Carter Range: synthetic and mineral based gear oils.
  • Azolla ZS: hydraulic oils for lubricating spindles in ring spinning operations.
  • Drosera MS: spindle oil for high speed ring spinning operations.
  • Seriola Range: high temperature resistant, long service life heat transfer fluids.
  • Jarytherm® DBT*: synthetic heat transfer fluids for bulk temperatures up to 350° C.


Total: what is our textile industry expertise?

We are a world-leading producer of industrial lubricants, working closely with industry specialists to provide cutting-edge innovation and high-performance products.

Meeting your needs

With presence across more than 40 countries and six production units worldwide, TOTAL's global presence means that we're always ready to meet the needs of all our clients in the textile industry. At the same time, we're able to closely supervise quality standards across our network.

Textile Lubricants products