Lubricants for power industry

Total Lubrifiants has formulated dedicated industrial grade product ranges specifically for the energy generation sector.

Lubricating oil for turbines

Our turbine lubricating oils include:

  • Total Preslia: Mineral oil for steam and gas turbines
  • Total Preslia GT: Hydrocracked mineral oil for steam and gas turbines and combined-cycle turbines
  • Total Preslia SE Jet: Synthetic ester oil for aero-derivative turbines
  • Total Biopreslia HT: Biodegradable oil for hydropower turbines

Lubricating oil for wind turbines

Our range includes lubricants, greases and cooling fluids suitable for every application, including

  • Speed increaser gear oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Greases for generator bearings
  • Bearing grease for the main shaft, pitch controller and swing crown wheel
  • Cooling System Fluids
  • Dielectric transformer oils

Lubricating oils for gas engines

Our Nateria range of lubricants is specifically designed for all your gas engine applications, including natural and biogas engines operating under extreme conditions. Our products meet stringent natural gas engine oil specifications.

Lubricating oils for the nuclear power generation industry

Our Preslia range of lubricating oils are particularly suitable for steam turbines used in nuclear power plants.

Lubricating oil for the hydroelectricity industry

High-quality maintenance products are vital in ensuring optimum efficiency and safety in the hydroelectric industry. Total Lubrifiants offers a comprehensive range of high-quality, high-performance industrial oils meeting these requirements.

Total's expertise

Total’s products for the energy industry are the result of our extensive research and expertise as market leader in the field of industrial lubricants, as well as ongoing collaborative efforts with major energy sector equipment manufacturers.

Meeting your needs

As well as an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of the energy industry, Total's global presence means that you're never far from expert support and advice on finding and deploying the right products for your needs.

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