Automotive manufacturing

Enhancing productivity, reducing environmental impacts and embracing technological innovations are the major challenges faced by the automobile industry today. In this constantly changing landscape, you need a reliable partner: Total Lubricants.

Our product range and applications

  • Hydraulic oil systems
    • Total Azolla ZS and AF: high temperature and pressure conditions, systems sensitive to deposit formation.
    • Total Equivis ZS: external hydraulic systems.
  • Industrial gear oil
    • Total Carter EP, XEP, SH: for use under high pressure, high temperatures and in demanding environments.
  • Circulation Oil
    • Total Cirkan: For compressors, vacuum pumps and pneumatic equipment. (loss of lubrication, moving and articulated components, bearings, and chains.)
  • Greases
    Our engineers and researchers are continuously developing greases for all your specialist applications (bodywork, doors, seats, starters, steering systems, windshield wiper systems).
  • Total Marson, a multipurpose synthetic grease.
  • Total Altis:
    • Long Life time at high temperatures
    • Excellent mechanical stability and shear resistance
    • Extended operating range
  •  Total Ceran:
    • Outstanding water resistance
    • Outstanding anti-wear properties
    • Excellent mechanical stability and shear resistance

Total's automobile industry expertise

We can recommend the best high-tech lubricating oils for specific applications, conduct detailed oil analyses that will improve the availability of your production tools, and monitor test campaigns. We offer technical assistance and logistics activities to support your technical innovation and optimise your economic strategy.

Meeting your needs

With our high-tech products and expertise in helping you select the exact product to suit your specific applications, Total is perfectly positioned to meet all of your auto manufacturing needs.

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