TIG: software for oil management

Organising industrial maintenance and lubrication requires the evaluation of multiple parameters. These can include:

  • Lubricants
  • Other consumables, e.g. cutting fluids and soluble lubricant
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Processing steps
  • Maintenance operation intervals
  • Personnel

To streamline this highly complex task, Total offers TIG 6, our optimised maintenance software for managing your industrial lubricants. As the world leader in the field, Total offers a range of products which includes everything from motor oil and industrial greases to specialist products such as water soluble cutting fluid. TIG 6 is the product of this expertise.

Main advantages of TIG

  • Simplification of maintenance and lubricant management
  • Increased efficiency and
  • Single software application format allowing you to monitor all your operations 
  • Includes a complete range of parameters and analyses for lubricants
  • Facilitation of lubricant documentation management
  • Facilitation of quality and safety management
  • Ability to be implemented speedily, with customisable parameters and training by Total staff

Why you should choose TIG 6

  • Ease of use, as it:
    • Uses the standard Windows® interface
    • Provides intuitive indications for any user, regardless of their degree of IT literacy
    • Features a mobile version (Windows 8, Android and iOS) with barcode- or RFID-based management for direct use on-site
    • Features a single software application to manage every maintenance activity
  • Comprehensiveness
    TIG 6 provides all functions necessary for optimal maintenance management.  TIG 6 can manage every parameter impacting on production and maintenance - from lubrication to maintenance schedules.
  • Durability
    TIG is the product of two decades of development by Total Lubrifiants. It is reliable, stable and fully supported with regular updates.
  • Technical Support
    To get the most out of TIG 6's capacities, Total lubricants provides training and technical assistance. Our training and support is provided by lubrication specialists.