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TIG 6: Maintenance and lubrication software

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Organizing industrial maintenance and lubrication requires the evaluation of multiple parameters. These can include:

  • Lubricants
  • Other consumables, e.g. cutting fluids and soluble lubricant
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Processing steps
  • Maintenance operation intervals
  • Staff


To streamline this highly complex task, TOTAL Lubrifiants has developed TIG 6, our maintenance and lubrication software for managing your resources. As the world leader in the field, Total offers a range of products which includes everything from motor oil and industrial greases to specialized products such as water soluble cutting fluid. TIG 6 is the results of this expertise!

Main advantages of TIG


  • Optimization  of maintenance and lubrication management
  • Increased efficiency
  • Standalone software allowing you to monitor all your operations 
  • Includes a complete range of parameters and analyses for lubricants
  • Better lubricant documentation management
  • Better quality and safety management
  • Can be implemented fastly, with customizable parameters and training by Total staff

Why you should choose TIG 6


  • Ease of use, as it:
    • Uses the standard Windows7® interface
    • Provides intuitive indications for any user, regardless of their degree of IT literacy
    • Features a mobile version (Android) with barcode or RFID-based management for direct use on-site
    • Features a standalone software application to manage every maintenance activity
  • Comprehensiveness
    TIG 6 provides all functions necessary for optimal maintenance management. TIG 6 can manage every parameter impacting the production and maintenance.
  • Durability
    TIG is the product of three decades of development by TOTAL Lubrifiants. It is reliable, stable and fully supported with regular updates.
  • Technical Support
    To get the most out of TIG 6's capacities, TOTAL Lubrifiants, and its lubrication experts, provides training and technical assistance.