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Technical training

Total is proud to offer an extensive range of programmes through which people can learn more about the uses of industrial lubricants. Whether your personnel are learning to use lubricants or improving the ways in which they already use them, our training programmes can help.

Our subjects

We offer training in a variety of subjects, including:

  • Using industrial lubricants
  • Safety
  • The environment
  • Oil management
  • Oil software/oil change software
  • Lubrication software

Industry challenges

There are some major challenges that face all industries today. These include remaining competitive in a fast-moving world where equipment failure and downtime can have a major impact. Installation safety is another challenge, as novel technologies bring novel risks alongside existing safety issues. Human health is another major concern, as is respect for the environment.

Oil management

In all the above areas, lubricants play a major role. Used effectively and appropriately, the correct lubricant can contribute greatly to the performance of your production facilities, the health of employees and the public and the safety of property. Proper use of lubricants can also promote the longevity of valuable and important plant equipment. Lubricants can also help protect the environment in a number of ways, from reducing pollution to cutting down fuel consumption. Our training programmes make sure that your company gets the most out of our products.

Each Total training programme is delivered within the framework of a relevant professional training agreement, so you can be sure that all trainees come away with the skills they need.