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A dedicated range of transmission oils for your agricultural machinery

Transmission oils

Standard transmission fluids (UTTO*) : TOTAL DYNATRANS and TOTAL BIOTRANS oils

Fuel Economy transmission fluids (UTTO*): TOTAL DYNATRANS VX FE

Other transmission fluids : TOTAL DYNATRANS DA, DYNATRANS HD, TRANSMISSION GEAR 7 80W90 and TOTAL FLUIDE G3 ( TOTAL BIOTRANS FE oils if degradable)

*UTTO : Universal Tractor Transmission Oil

Multifunction lubricants (STOU: Super Tractor Oil Universal)


Our other products for agriculture

CTA  : Engine oil

CTA  : Hydraulic fluids

CTA  : Multifonction lubricants 

CTA  : Chainsaw

CTA  : Coolants

CTA  : Greases

Lubricants for milking machines : TOTAL AGRITRAITE oil