Which elements are analyzed in the ANAC sample?

In the ANAC diagnosis you can find the following information
Wear elements:

  • Iron ( ppm)
  • Lead (ppm)
  • Copper (ppm)
  • Tin (ppm)
  • Tin (ppm)
  • Aluminium (ppm)
  • Nickel (ppm)

Contamination elements :

  • Silicon ( ppm)
  • Water ( % )
  • Cooling Liquid (presence)
  • Soot ( %) 
  • Fuel ( %)

Oil condition :

  • Viscosity at 40° or 100°

Is it possible to determine the contamination of biofuels in the oil?

Yes, if the use of Biodiesel FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) or PPO (Pure Plant Oil) is mentioned on the infosheet, ANAC will determine the presence of these fuels in the oil.

Is the ANAC able to determine the brand and type of the oil?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for our ANAC experts to determine the brand and type of oil. There is an enormous variety of oils on the market which are all different in composition. However, if a sample of the new oil is sent in together with the used oil, ANAC can determine if both oils are identical. In order to do so, a second sample kit needs to be purchased.

Is it possible to determine if the engine is in a good mechanical condition?

Yes, ANAC will assess the wear condition at the moment of sampling and check if the engine shows major anomalies. Also contamination of the oil which leads to engine wear is detected.

Is it possible to determine the exact mileage of an engine?

No. ANAC cannot predict the exact mileage the engine has covered, as the history of one engine to another can differ too much. However, ANAC can determine if the engine is in a healthy condition, whatever the mileage covered.

Is it possible to determine the origin of oil consumption of an engine?

Yes and no : There are many origins of oil consumption, and not all of them are caused by excessive wear. ANAC can however state if the oil consumption is the consequence of an internal engine problem, which can lead to engine failure, or if the consumption has an external cause which does not endanger the engine, as long as the oil is regularly being topped up.

Is the ANAC lab ISO certified?

YES. The ANAC lab is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Can any brand of oil be analyzed by the ANAC?


What is the answering time of ANAC?

Depending on the type of analysis routine, the answering time (time between arrival of sample in lab and forwarding of the diagnosis report to the client by e-mail) varies. The most urgent analyses are performed within 24 hours, whereas in general it is 48 hours.

How long should the oil be used before it will allow a reliable engine diagnosis?

The oil should be used for at least 3000 km in order to give it the time to absorb all wear and contamination elements.

Can I take a sample without changing the oil?

YES. The ANAC kit contains a syringe bottle and tubing, allowing to take a sample by the dipstick opening.

In which languages the ANAC kit is available?

The ANAC kit for private users is available in English, French and Dutch.