TOTAL RUBIA 4400 15W-40

Rubia range

TOTAL RUBIA 4400 15W-40

Standard engine oil for On/Off-Road vehicles


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  • Suitable for all kinds of diesel On/Off-road vehicles for standard drain intervals.
  • Suitable as well for all off-highway applications (Public Works, industrial vehicles…).


  • Good detergency level.
  • Good viscosity stability in operation.
  • High dispersancy level (avoids combustion soots agglomeration). Thanks to increased levels of high-performance ashless chemistry that keeps soot particles apart and helps prevent sludge, TOTAL RUBIA 4400 15W-40 controls the impact of soot on your engine
  • Good anti-wear properties: TOTAL RUBIA 4400 15W-40 has special molecules that resist compression to keep moving parts separated, reducing wear. The anti-wear booster provides extra protection against wear in highly stressed areas of the engine. (graph 1)

TOTAL RUBIA 4400 15W-40

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