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Rubia TIR

Rubia TIR range

TIR technology

When your trucks have to weather tough conditions on long journeys, time is a crucial resource that needs to be optimized for maximum efficiency. A high performance and durable engine oil brings opportunities to deliver top-notch performance with peace of mind.

This is why our experts at TOTAL have developed RUBIA TIR, a top-quality oil that provides solid reliability, certified by the world's most demanding players. We complete our service with enhanced vehicle maintenance experience, supporting you in selecting the best oil for your needs.

TOTAL RUBIA TIR, your best partner for heavy duty lubricants and services.

What is T.I.R Technology

TOTAL T.I.R: Engineered Technology

TOTAL RUBIA TIR has 3-tier technological benefits (T.I.R) to bring out the most out of your diesel engine vehicle fleet.

T.I.R Technology is specially developed at our dedicated lubricants research and development centre in Solaize, France and engine oils have been approved by a majority of manufacturerrs for dependability and performance.

Total Protection

Against wear corrosion and deposits

Rubia TIR range

Through a proprietary formula developed at TOTAL lubricants research and development centre in France, TOTAL RUBIA TIR with T.I.R Technology protects engines against wear, corrosion and deposits. The T.I.R Technology ensures that, (1) the oil does not degrade under high temperatures and forms a strong film over metal surfaces to protect against oxidation and wear; (2) innovative additives neutralize acids formed in the oil to protect against corrosion and (3) active molecules protect against harmful deposits (eg. soot) by keeping them dispersed and preventing deposit build-up which causes wear and oil deterioration.

International Approvals

Rubia TIR range

Meets severe OEM requirements of heavy-duty vehicles

Formulated using T.I.R Technology, TOTAL RUBIA TIR is engineered to exceed API standards and approved by the constructors who know the best for your trucks and buses.

TOTAL RUBIA TIR has greater number of approvals and more advanced approvals than competitors' products, so you need lesser products for your multi-brand fleet and they can meet the requirements of the most advanced engines in the market.

Rubia TIR range

Reduced Costs

Increase operation time & profitability

You enjoy better fleet cost savings with a full suite of TOTAL Fuel Economy engine and transmission oils, a leading condition monitoring service with TOTAL ANAC and one oil for multi-brand fleet with TOTAL LUBCONSULT.


Low SAPS engine oil, guarantee of extended oil drain intervals

TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 10w-40

Standard engine oil, guarantee of extended drain intervals


Standard engine oil recommended for high rated EGR engines


Heavy duty engine oil recommended for Euro 3 and previous engines


TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8800 10w-40

Last generation Diesel engine oil with long drain intervals.


Low SAPS engine oil specifically formulated for DPF equipped vehicles


Heavy duty engine oil suitable for EURO 5 and previous engines without DPF


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