RUBIA TIR 8600 FE 10W-30


Rubia TIR FE range

Fuel economy lubricant for diesel engines

TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 FE 10W-30 - Details

A competitively-priced lubricant particularly suitable for the latest generation engines.

  • The best quality-price ratio on the market.
  • Especially recommended for Euro 2 to Euro 5 engines.
  • Suitable for the harshest driving conditions, facilitates cold starting.


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TOTAL RUBIA TIR 9200 FE 5W-30 - Graphic


A synthetic based lubricant formulated with high performance additives

A competitively-priced lubricant which reduces fuel consumption and extends oil change intervals.

Engine protection, anti-wear, fuel savings… RUBIA TIR 8600 FE 10W-30 is based on cutting-edge technologies. It exceeds the most stringent performance requirements of engine builders.



A fuel economy lubricant

Combined use with fuel economy transmission lubricants, RUBIA TIR 8600 FE reduces fuel consumption by 1 litre/100 km*.

*for a truck covering 120,000 km/year with a fuel consumption of 33 litres/100 km

Extended oil change intervals

RUBIA TIR 8600 FE is especially recommended by MAN for its Euro 3 engines, and is suitable for the highly extended IVECO oil changes (for Euro 3 and 4 engines).

TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 FE 10W-30 - Fuel consumption

Easier cold starting

In cold climates, the capability of the lubricant to remain highly fluid at low temperatures is of prime importance. The CCS* test measures the very low temprature viscosity (-25°C). RUBIA TIR 8600 FE has viscosity properties which facilitate cold cranking.

Engine protection

Wear protection prolongs your engine life.
RUBIA TIR 8600 FE has excellent anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion properties.

The anti-wear performance of RUBIA TIR 8600 FE provides optimum protection of engine components.
During the reference tests, camshaft wear measurements demonstrated the exceptional capabilities of this lubricant.

TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 FE 10W-30 - Cramshaft wear

High detergency guarantees a clean engine

The cleanliness of the piston is visible proof of lubricant performance exceed the piston cleanliness requirements of the ACEA E4 and E6 standards.

TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 FE 10W-30 - Piston cleanliness


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