Rubia TIR FE range

Low SAPS and fuel economy lubricant for diesel engines

TOTAL RUBIA TIR 7900 FE 10W-30 - Details

A semi-synthetic oil recommended for the latest generation
of HGV engines (Euro 6).


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Lubricant meets the most stringent requirements

A synthetic blend offering particularly effective protection. RUBIA TIR 7900 FE reduces fuel consumption and extends the service life of post- treatment systems (of the DPF type).



A lubricant combining the following technologies:

Fuel Economy

According to tests conducted by the most famous independent research centre in the United States, RUBIA TIR 7900 FE 10W-30 enables a savings of 1.28% of fuel when running hot* compared with the standard RUBIA TIR 7900 15W-40 lubricant. When used in combination with a Road Ranger transmission fluid**, an average savings of 3.27% has been measured.


Thanks to its low content in sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur, RUBIA TIR 7900 FE avoids DPF clogging.

The guarantee of highly extended oil change intervals

A lubricant based on the most recent technological developments, RUBIA TIR 7900 FE enables extended oil change intervals to be obtained (up to 100,000 Km).

*Which represents 90% of running time **SAE 50 100% synthetic and 75W-90

Engine protection

Anti-wear performance.

The use of RUBIA TIR 7900 FE avoids friction between the metal parts of the engine and therefore prevents cylinder liner glazing. Mercedes-Benz tests, conducted on three different engines, show that the performance of 7900 FE by far exceeds the required criteria.

Optimum piston cleanliness.

Piston cleanliness is a perfect indicator of a lubricant’s performance. RUBIA TIR 7900 FE exceeds the piston cleanliness required by MAN.


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