Rubia TIR FE range

Fuel economy lubricant for diesel engines

A high quality fuel economy lubricant which protects your engine.

  • A highly competitive product designed for EURO 2 to 5 engines (except for the Euro 5 engines of the MAN, DAF and Scania marques).
  • Fuel economy lubricant that saves money.
  • Using RUBIA TIR 7200 FE 15W-30 instead of a standard lubricant, means a reduction of 3 tons of CO2 expelled into the atmosphere per year per truck.*
    *for a truck with a fuel consumption of 33 litres/100 km and covering 120 000 km


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Optimum engine protection, and fuel economy propertieswhich significantly reduce fuel costs.

A competitively-priced lubricant, RUBIA TIR 7200 FE has highly satisfactory capabilities which have been awarded certification by numerous engine manufacturers.



A fuel economy lubricant

Tests conducted at Millbrook on a Volvo FH12 have demonstrated that the use of RUBIA TIR 7200 FE provides an average fuel consumption reduction of 1.7%*.

Combined use with fuel economy transmission lubricants, RUBIA TIR 7200 FE enables a fuel consumption reduction of 1 litre per 100 km**.

* compared with the use of Rubia TIR 7400 15W40
** for a truck covering 120 000 km and a fuel consumption of 33 litres/100 km

Optimum engine protection

Suitable for the most extreme driving conditions

RUBIA TIR 7200 FE protects your engine, whatever the running conditions: deliveries, frequent stops, use on construction sites, harvesting, etc

Wear protection prolongs your engine life.

When running, the friction from the piston affects the liner. Constructors impose very stringent limits regarding liner glazing. RUBIA TIR 7200 FE has obtained excellent results by comparison with the ACEA E7 standard limits.

Dispersancy prevents the formation of deposits.

The combination of numerous factors is responsible for the formation of deposits which clog the engine: very high temperature, acidification, soot deposits, etc. The quality of the additives comprising RUBIA TIR 7200 FE is rooted in its dispersion capabilities which protects against deposit formation.

High detergency guarantees a clean engine.

The heart of the engine, the pistons needs to be protected. Thanks to its excellent detergent properties, this lubricant keeps the pistons clean. RUBIA TIR 7200 FE exceeds the Volvo piston cleanliness requirements.


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