Total Partnership with DS


A strong historical partnership with Citroen for years

Total has been a Citroën partner for 45 years (the partnership began when Total started to develop a lubricant for the DS to eliminate the problems of ignition and fouling)

This historic partnership with the double chevron brand is part of a global strategic relationship between the PSA and the Total Group, based on four key factors:

  • R&D: close cooperation between the R&D teams of PSA and Total,
  • Industry: first-fill supply of lubricants in PSA plants worldwide,
  • Sales: global endorsement of Total lubricants for the maintenance of Citroën vehicles ("Citroën prefers Total") and Peugeot ("Peugeot recommends Total")
  • Sports: support for Citroën and Peugeot motorsports programmes.

DS became a full-fledged brand in 2014

Discover DS main brand values

DS is the automobile brand that redefines the traditional codes of luxury for a new & exciting experience. Its main values are:

  • Ambition: Symbolize, through automobile, the French expertise in luxury
  • Value proposition:
    • - The avant-garde of design
    • - The refinement and attention to detail
    • - A resolutely technological object
    • - Dynamic hyper-comfort

The DS5 well embodies these values:"The new DS 5 is more than a new car. It's the DS that runs our whole brand identity. 60 years after the original DS, the new DS 5 comprises all the DS DNA, and above all it allows us to claim our goal loud and clear: reconnect with the French top of the range!” Yves Bonnefont, CEO of DS Brand.

Common values for TOTAL and DS:

TOTAL and DS share the common values of excellence and technological innovation. It is in this spirit that TOTAL has developed a range of TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants specifically for DS engines, to make them more efficient than ever before.
Choose TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants to maintain your vehicle for optimum engine life and performance





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