TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 : the benefits of synthetic technology

Total quartz 9000

The TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 range is composed of lubricants using synthetic technology. The use of chemical ingredients for these formulation allows to improve thermal stability in particular (when cold during engine start-up and when hot during intensive use), but also a greater lifespan for the oil and preservation of its properties over time.

The lubricants advantageous for an engine’s maintenance as they enable longer periods between oil changes. The addition of polymers and specific additives ensures that the TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 range of lubricants are adapted to the most demanding uses and that they meet constraints imposed on lubricants.


  • for all uses, even the most intensive
  • greater fluidity at cold temperature to help start the engine
  • enhanced detergent and anti-oxidizing functions to ensure optimal cleanliness of engines

Formulated for the highest performance engine technologies in particular those of:

PSA, Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz

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The Fuel Economy technology

Reducing fuel consumption without changing driving habits is now possible thanks to TOTAL QUARTZ FUEL ECONOMY engine lubricants.