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Quick introduction of Great Wall Motors

Great Wall Motor is a private owned independent Chinese car manufacturer listed in HK stock market and specializes in SUV (Haval brand), Pick up (Wingle brand) and sedan (Voleex brand) with footprint in over 100 countries. In 2013, GWM realized 750,000 units sales all over the world.

Total Lubricants China initiated the First Fill/Service Fill business with GWM since 2007 and the dedicated efforts of the Key Accounts and technical teams in Total Lubrifiants China paved the way to make GWM a major OEM account of China.

Moving forward, our goal is to build up and sustain a full strategic partnership with GWM under the guidance of lubricant strategy roadmap and make it a solid global OEM business.

Discover the main events of our partnership:

  • On Feb,9th, 2012,
    Total Lubrifiants signed an overseas SF agreement with GWM, among which GWM officially recommend Total lubricants as partner in their key overseas markets;
  • In 2012 and 2013,
    Total Lubrifiants sponsored GWM Haval SUV racing team to attend DAKAR and achieved a legend of 7th ranking in the driver list.
  • On July, 3rd, 2013,
    Total Lubrifiants and GWM signed a strategic R&D agreement aiming at widening cooperation in the lubricant development for the new engine model of GWM
  • On Sep,19th,2014,
    Total Lubrifiants was granted of the “2014 Technological innovation award of Great Wall Motors” (GWM), which is a recognition by Great Wall Motors of TOTAL’s contribution to its technology cooperation with GWM.
    With the core contents of demonstrating achievements in scientific research, rewarding scientific and technological talents, catching up or even surpassing international advanced technology and promoting skills exchanges, this Science Festival contained every aspect of automobile industry chain. The exhibition hall with an area of over 5000 square meters was divided into 15 exhibition areas with 14 types of vehicles and 5 engines. GWM paid great attention to the transformation rate of application of technologies of exhibits, in which 83% of technology of exhibits had already been applied or on the way to be. Such achievements in scientific research proved that GWM had made great progress in technological innovation, which is key for its industrial competitiveness.
    However, GWM knows very well that the improvement of an enterprise not only benefits from the developments of its own infrastructure, but also relies on great support of multiple supplier partners. In order to award excellent cooperation units, GWM set especially five “Technological innovation awards”. And the award-winning suppliers were respectively Total, ThyssenKrupp steel, DELPHI, BorgWarner and TOX PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG. And TOTAL is the first lubricant company to receive this award.In the prize-awarding ceremony, Fu Yuwu, president of China Automotive Engineering Institute, Dong Yang, secretary-general of China Automotive Industry Association, and Wang Zhixin, director of Hebei Technology Gallery gave prize to the prize-winning units. Relevant leaders of GWM indicated that Total’s join injected fresh blood into GWM.
  • On May, 5th, 2015,
    Great Wall Motors and Total Lubricants – extended a strategic partnership agreement for another 3 years in Baoding, China. Total Lubricants continues to be Great Wall Motors’ recommended partner for the sales of lubricants across all Great Wall Motors’ overseas after sales networks

A fruitful technical partnership :

Numerous exchanges between Great Wall Motors and Total Lubrifiants have been organized:

  • Since August 2013, the Solaize Research Centre (CRES) has trained 3 automotive engineers from GWM in Total’s technology at its laboratories.“We’ve been impressed by Total’s advanced capabilities in the development of lubricants and the optimization of engine performance”, commented M.Luo, a GWM engineer.
  • In September 2013, technicians from CRES were brought in to GWM’s technical centre in China to set up D-Lube, a tool for production line quality control designed to monitor lubricant dilution in real time during engine testing. Until now, it was necessary to wait 5 to 7 days to find out the test results With D-Lube, you only have to wait an hour! This approach has continued into this year. In February, experts from CRES and Total Lubrifiants (DPA) organized a workshop for technical exchanges at GWM for 60 engineers and technicians. Two round tables were then held in April and June in Solaize and Baoding (China) to train GWM experts in C-Lube, a device designed to measure an engine’s lubricant consumption, and help them to install it so that they can develop an engine optimization programme..

All these occasions are designed to enable automotive experts from both companies to learn to work together and ultimately to determine standard specifications for GWM engine lubricants. These initiatives are also profitable in a commercial sense: the volume of Total Lubrifiants products sold has increased by 21% in the 1st semester 2014. An excellent start!

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