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First of all, congratulations to our Peugeot Hansen Team for its world championship manufacturer title in 2015, to Petter Solberg for its world champion driver title and to Timmy Hansen for its 2nd position!

World RX is the FIA’s newest World Championship launched in 2014. Rallycross races are held on approximately 1 km race circuits. Rallycross combines the best of racing and rallying by pitting small groups of competitors against each other with spectacular corners and consist of constantly changing surfaces due to the mixture of asphalt and gravel. The competitors are gradually eliminated all the way down to a breath-taking final, when the very quickest and bravest fight it out for overall honours.

With every final containing competitors separated by just centimetres, and combined total of around 3500 horsepower thanks to cars that accelerate faster than Formula One, rallycross is one of the most spectacular and fastest-growing forms of motorsport in the world
The races are based on four qualifying heats, two semi-finals and a final with five to six cars competing head-to-head. The Supercar category is based on the standard production car. Compared to WRC, the Rallycross regulations offer more freedom to allow teams to build an even more specialized race car using an even wider range of engineering solutions.

Timmy Hansen, Driver of Team Peugeot Hansen:

WRX events are very very short very hard fighting, it’s impossible to get anything boring, I’s close contacts, jumping, 6 cars heading to the corners at the same time, it’s the perfect motorsports. The car is purely power and we have no electric systems to help us so going from gravel to tarmac wet and dry in different conditions it’s always full power and we always have to control this pace , It’s really aggressive to drive . Total and Peugeot have been working together for 20 years through WRC, Le Mans, Dakar and also Rallycross so we really benefit from this long cooperation

David Jeanney, Driver of Team Peugeot Hansen:

The hardest thing is to manage starts, because it’s a big part of the race. We must also manage pack race, it’s quite complicated sometimes because some circuits increase contacts. In general we like Rallycross because of this phenomenon of contact between drivers. A rallycross SuperCar is about between 550 and 600 horsepower and it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 2 seconds.

Kenneth Hansen, Team Principal of Team Peugeot Hansen:

Peugeot and Total are really connected. When we have a car like this that you take the maximum out of the engine you work so much with the chassis with the transmission, you need a lubricant that works well, I mean if you don’t have that , you won’t have the reliability. We can trust TOTAL products.

Discover how important is the role of Total lubricants for PEUGEOT 208 WRX of Timmy Hansen and Davy Jeanney


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