Lubricants for Wood Industry


Total Lubrifiants has developed a dedicated range to meet all the requirements of the wood industry.

Total Lubricants is committed to helping you hit your productivity, equipment protection and cost targets by way of its specially-formulated products. No longer will you be hindered by high humidity or temperature, heavy loads, dust or pollutants in your production and transformation of wood.

Discover our wood lubricants for the following applications:


  • TOTAL CERAN HVA. Extreme pressure multi-purpose high-tech grease. Exceptional water-holding capacity without performance being affected, remarkable anti-wear properties and resistance to heavy loads. TOTAL CERAN HVA extends the life of bearings and helps increase greasing intervals.

Reduction gears


  • TOTAL CARTER SY, synthetic PAG oil and TOTAL CARTER SH, synthetic PAO oil : Excellent protection against corrosion, wear and micropitting.



  • TOTAL TP STAR MAX FE 10W-30, TOTAL TP STAR TRANS 80W-110: Ease of use and technical performance for engines and transmission systems.

Other equipment

  • Hydraulic circuits: TOTAL AZOLLA AF
  • Conveyors: TOTAL CARTER XEP, TOTAL CERAN grease
  • Air compressors: TOTAL DACNIS
  • Heat transfer circuits: TOTAL SERIOLA

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