Weaving and warping


TOTAL's range for the weaving industry offers  solutions on both warp sizing and weft yarn preparation.  On both applications, our product ranges have been developed to cope with weaving restraints (high speeds, yarn breakage risks, yarn abrasion…) while anticipating high washability for all finishing processes, such as dyeing and coating, where auxiliaries' removal is key to prevent quality problems on finished goods.


TOTAL PARATEX is specialized on warp preparation for the weaving industry. It mixes different lubricant technologies such as anti-splashing and spreadability agents. This will help improve yarn cohesion during high speed processes and reduce yarn/yarn and yarn/metal friction, thus increasing weaving efficiency and lowering warp stops during production.

Within PARATEX, PARATEX 404 is an innovative product, based on water-soluble waxes, easily removable, preventing energy consuming desize washing . Also, this product has been proven BIODEGRADABLE under OECD 301B norm making of it an eco and user friendly alternative to hot sizing processes existing today.


Weft insertion flaws can be prevented or strongly reduced through the use of  lubricating products from our LISSOLFIX and PARATEX ranges.  These products will reduce friction and lower static electricity's impact on the yarn. Also, thanks to its high penetrating performance, our products for weft preparation guarantee uniform oil pick up on the yarn, preventing strains and yarn breakage during high speed process


  • TOTAL PARATEX and TOTAL LISSOLFIX formulas are free from Alkyl-Phenol-Ethoxylates (APEO's)
  • TOTAL PARATEX and TOTAL LISSOLFIX formulas are guaranteed compliant with OEKO-TEX® standard 100 lists of chemicals
  • TOTAL PARATEX and TOTAL LISSOLFIX formulas are guaranteed REACH compliant
  • Lower friction and statique electricity's impact on the yarn
  • Reduce yarn breakage
  • Guarantee high protection against corrosion
  • Easily removable for finishing processes


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