Homogeneous and reliable quality worldwide

LISSOLFIX benefits of Total’s strict international quality standards (ISO 9001 Certification). Helping you satisfy your own quality commitments by maintaining unvarying quality worldwide


A full range of reliable and performing coning oils

Throwing processes such as texturizing, warping, covering or twisting are likely to strain yarns, creating quality problems on your production output. LISSOLFIX Coning Oils help you satisfy your customers’ equirements.


Against friction
LISSOLFIX helps limit yarn breakage and quality flaws by reducing yarn/metal and yarn/yarn friction, so your yarn can satisfy your customers’ requirements

Against station electricity
Thanks to its antistatic properties, LISSOLFIX lowers static electricity’s impact on yarns by improving its evacuation.



Compliance with ecological and toxicological

  • LISSOLFIX formulas are guaranteed compliant with OEKO-TEX® standard 100 lists of chemicals
  • LISSOLFIX formulas are guaranteed REACH compliant

Whatever your requirement, Lissolfix broad range meets your needs

  • Products adapted for Polypropylene yarn
  • Biodegradable products according to OECD 301B standard
  • M1 test and fogging test compliant products
  • Thermo stable products
  • Microfilament processing products
  • LISSOLFIX is non aggressive towards elastane nor dyestuff



LISSOLFIX’s AP technology.
Its antisplashing properties limits oil wasting and misting compared to non AP competitors, during high speed processes, protecting your employees from slippery surfaces and skin and breathing discomfort.


LISSOLFIX's Z technology
grants very high penetrating performance, guaranteeing uniform oil pick up (OPU%) on the yarn, filament cohesion and regular bobbin winding and unwinding tensions, key for downstream processes.


Easy washable

Thanks to its emulsifying technology, LISSOLFIX is easily removable.

Whatever your customers’ requirements (high temperatures, high speeds, dyeing…), LISSOLFIX‘s broad range of products helps you cope with different levels of oil elimination through conventional washing processes.

lisoflix image4

Oxidation resistance

Due to strict requirements on bas oils used in our formulas, LISSOLFIX shows very good stability during storage and production when exposed to heat and UV. 


A major player
With our production, supply chain and commercial presence in more than 150 countries we deliver a full range of lubricants

Support and partnership
Thanks to local technical presence, we provide a high level of service to optimize your Total Cost of Ownership.

Innovation & Research
TOTALinvests in biotechnologies to find the most suitable components to reach energy efficiency through formulations designed in our Research Centers.

Quality and environment
TOTAL Lubricants ISO 9001certificationis the guarantee of a long term commitment to quality. From the initial design stage, our R&D teams seek to develop products that minimize toxicity risks and environmental impact.

References & OEMs TOTAL Lubricants cooperates with equipment manufacturers to create high-technology products for optimal performance and protection of your machinery.

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