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Throwing and Yarn processing


Throwing processes such as texturizing, warping or covering are likely to strain yarns, creating quality problems on production output. 
TOTAL LISSOLFIX coning oils protect yarns during throwing processes  by reducing friction coefficient and lowering static electricity's impact on yarn.  We help you satisfy your customer's requirements by lowering risks of quality problems after yarn processing, thus maximizing machine's output.

TOTAL LISSOLFIX's high performance is the result of two worldwide recognized technologies developed thanks to our textile know-how on the domain: the AP and Z technologies.

TOTAL LISSOLFIX's AP technology, or antisplashing  agent,  limits oil wasting, oil splashing and air misting during high speed throwing processes , protecting your employees from slippery surfaces and skin and breathing discomfort. 

TOTAL LISSOLFIX's Z technology, or spreadability agent,  allows very high penetrating performance,  guaranteeing uniform oil pick up on the yarn, filament cohesion  and  regular bobbin winding and unwinding tensions  which is key on dowstream processes.


  • TOTAL LISSOLFIX formulas are free from Alkyl-Phenol-Ethoxylates (APEO's)
  • TOTAL LISSOLFIX formulas are guaranteed compliant with OEKO-TEX® standard 100 lists of chemicals
  • TOTAL LISSOLFIX formulas are guaranteed REACH compliant
  • Thanks to its emulsifiable technology, TOTAL LISSOLFIX is easily removable through conventional washing processes
  • AP technology reduces oil splashing and oil misting, limiting oil loss and reducing risks due to slippery surfaces and breathing discomfort
  • By reducing yarn/metal and yarn/yarn friction
  • Through its antistatic properties which limit and help evacuate static electricity from the yarn
  • By contributing to filament cohesion

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