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Circular and Flatbed Knitting


The different challenges in the knitting industry, such as high quality demand, require fast technology advancement from knitting machinery. Lubrication has therefore become one major factor in preventive maintenance approaches. 

TOTAL’s needle oil range, TIXO, was specially designed to allow knitting circular and flatbed machinery to function at high speeds while maintaining regular running temperatures.

TOTAL TIXO formulas, TIXO SLIDE and TIXO STAINLESS, are based on highly refined mineral oils and contain ground breaking anti-wear technology, protecting your machine from wear and corrosion. This will allow you to maximize shelf life for key stitch forming parts such as needles, sinkers and tuck cams.


Both corrosion and wear resistance have been tested and passed DIN Test Standards. TIXO formulas approved all four of DIN 62136 SRV tests on Wear resistance (Gliding Coefficient, Wear Depth, Wear Diameter, Maximum Load), as well as Corrosion resistance DIN 51360 Test Standards.




TIXO has also been tested through our customers' high speed processes and various finishing treatments.  Its high oxydation resistance helps limiting stains, sludge and sediment formation and additives breakdown contributing to protecting knitting machines while functionning.



The selection of the needle oil must be made taking into account downstream finishing treatments made to knitted goods. TIXO STAINLESS formula includes emulsifier components guaranteeing high scourability both at high and low temperatures through conventional washing processes.


  • TOTAL TIXO formulas are free from Alkyl-Phenol-Ethoxylates (APEO's)
  • TOTAL TIXO formulas are guaranteed compliant with OEKO-TEX® standard 100 lists of chemicals
  • TOTAL TIXO formulas are guaranteed REACH compliant
  • New TOTAL TIXO SLIDE and TOTAL TIXO STAINLESS formulas are DIN 62136 and 51360 Tests approved.
  • TOTAL TIXO guarantees high wear and corrosion protection for your machine
  • TOTAL TIXO formulas are harmless towards machine paints, plastic and electronic components
  • TOTAL TIXO formulas are strongly resistant towards oxidation, guaranteeing constant protection during high speed processes

For more information about TOTAL TIXO, please download our leaflets:


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