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Steel industry

In a world of fierce competition within the steel industry, any means to decrease operating costs and improve productivity is to be considered.

TOTAL Lubricants is at your side to help you get the best from your machinery and to bring you both the reliability and the competitiveness you are looking for in the steel industry:

  • Savings through the optimization of your lubricating conditions and the use of top of the class lubricants such as TOTAL CERAN® greases,
  • Productivity brought by highest performance and protection of your machines
  • Rationalization of industrial lubricants used thanks to our comprehensive range covering most of your needs,
  • Health and safety protection of your operators through the use of harmless and environmentally-friendly products,
  • Proximity provided by our local sales force,
  • Reactivity ensured by our integrated supply chain.

Discover below the wide range of industrial oils dedicated to steel industry:

steel industry

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