Lubricants for the paper industry


The constantly changing paper industry is facing a major performance challenge. To help you optimize paper production, Total Lubrifiants has developed oils, greases and specialized services.

Given the high level of competition in the paper sector, any shutdown or malfunction of the machines required to produce paper would cause major financial losses for your firm. The full range of our paper industry products meets the strict standards set by paper production specialists. Manufacturers such as Metso or Voight rely on us for the lubrication of their machines, so why not you?

Total Lubrifiants is committed to maintaining your machines’ level of performance, despite high temperatures or pollution from your factories, such as humidity or corrosive atmospheres.

Our products for all applications :


  • Circulation oils : Specially formulated for paper machines, the ashless MISOLA range has been developed using the very latest technologies in order to optimize the performance of your equipment, extend its life and reduce your maintenance costs. Available in mineral base, semi-synthetic and synthetic form.


  • Oils for open gear units: Top-of-the-range mineral oil providing excellent protection for gear units operating under heavy loads and at high temperatures.


  • Oils for hydraulic circuits.
    New-generation ashless mineral oils with specially selected additives, developed in partnership with the major hydraulic equipment manufacturers. They guarantee optimum performance of hydraulic equipment, an unrivalled service life for the oil and a significant reduction in maintenance costs. They contain no heavy metals or zinc salts, safeguarding people's health and preserving the environment.


  • Greases for wet areas.
    Very high-performance grease made with complex calcium sulfonate soap, specially developed for lubricating bearings subjected to heavy loads at high temperatures in dry or wet areas of paper-making machines. Additives rendering it suitable for use at extreme pressures, exceptional water resistance, excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties. Contains no heavy metals that are harmful to health or the environment.


  • Open gear oils
    TOTAL ALTIS EM2: Multi-purpose polyurea grease for high temperatures and high speeds.
    TOTAL ALTIS SH2: Synthetic polyurea grease offering very high performance at high temperatures, high speeds and at extreme pressures.

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