Lubricants for the Food industry


Total Lubrifiants has developed a specific range of products called TOTAL NEVASTANE to ensure consumer safety in the food processing industry. The use of the NSFH1-registered TOTAL NEVASTANE range ensures consumer safety in the event of accidental contact. Total lubricants also meet ISO 21469 requirements. This certification ensures that all oils, greases, aerosols or special TOTAL NEVASTANE products meet hygiene requirements. TOTAL NEVASTANE lubricant components are guaranteed free of animal products, GMO and allergens. TOTAL NEVASTANE is certified as KOSHER and HALAL, respecting all cultures.


  • TOTAL NEVASTANE AW, SH, EP, XSH, SY, CHAIN OIL AND XT: Oils for maintaining hydraulic systems, gearboxes, compressors and pneumatic equipments.


  • TOTAL NEVASTANE AXA GR1, XMF, HD2T AND XS : Greases for roller and other bearings, pellet presses, seamers, bottling equipment, sterilizers, furnace bearings and deep-freeze tunnels.


  • TOTAL NEVASTANE FLUSH OIL, SDO, ANTIFREEZE, HTF: Cleaning and rinsing fluids, sugar dissolving emulsions, antifreeze, heat transfer fluids.


  • TOTAL NEVASTANE LUBE AEROSOL, GREASE AEROSOL, SILICONE SAFEGARD: Adhesive oils, water-resistant greases and silicone oils


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