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Total Industrial Lubricants has developed specific product ranges for the energy generation sector. We are aware that equipment availability and performance are key factors in your production process and the quality ensured by our products will be an essential ally in your success.

Total’s lubricants are the result of research and cooperation with major equipment manufacturers in the energy sector to guarantee high equipment performance now and in the future. Our broad range of oils, greases and coolants cover all industrial applications in the energy sector.

As we operate across the globe, you can enjoy rapid access to our products on all your sites around the world.

Lubricating oil for turbines

PRESLIA oils are designed for lubricating gas, steam and combined-cycle turbines. Their formulation is the result of long experience and meets manufacturers’ strictest specifications.

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation meaning extended oil change intervals
  • Very good foaming, air release and demulsification properties, ensuring that facilities operate properly
  • Specific anti-wear and extreme pressure additives designed to enable gearing to withstand high loads

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Our products for all applications :


  • Mineral Oil for steam and gas turbines




  • Hydrocracked mineral oil for steam and gas turbines and combined-cycle turbines


  • Synthetic ester oil for aero-derivative turbines


  • Biodegradable oil based on saturated ester oil for hydropower turbines

Lubricating oil for wind turbines

Wind turbines are a prime solution for companies in the energy generating sector. Wind turbines are increasingly acclaimed as providing clean and advantageous resources in terms of both production and operation.

Total offers companies a range of lubricants, greases and cooling fluids suitable for each application. We guarantee the optimization, availability and output of your onshore or offshore wind turbines, irrespective of weather conditions. Our range of wind turbine-specific products guarantees that you will get the best out of your turbines through optimum and environmentally-friendly lubrication.

We will help you to:

  • Facilitate cold starting
  • Optimize mechanical efficiency
  • Protect lubricated components in all weather conditions
  • Extend oil change intervals

Our priority is to provide for the maintenance and proper lubrication of your wind turbines; you will find appropriate lubricants in our extensive range.

Our products for all applications :

Speed Increaser gear oil

  • TOTAL CARTER SH 320 : PAO Synthetic oil
  • TOTAL CARTER SY WM 320 : PAG Synthetic oil
  • TOTAL CARTER BIO 320 : Biodegradable synsthetic-based oil.

Hydraulic oil



  • TOTAL EQUIVIS XLT: Ash-free mineral fluid with a very high viscosity index for very low temperatures.
  • TOTAL EQUIVIS XV: Ash-free mineral fluid with a very high viscosity index.


Greases for generator bearings

  • TOTAL MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 100: Grease for high speeds.
  • TOTAL MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 220: Multi-functional grease for moderate rotation speeds.

Bearing grease for the main shaft, pitch controller and swing crown wheel


TOTAL COPAL OGL 0 : Semi-fluid high-performance water-resistant grease.


Cooling system fluids

  • TOTAL COOLELF SUPRA : Organic technology cooling fluid.
  • TOTAL WT SUPRA : Concentrated water-based corrosion and cavitation inhibitor.

Dielectric transformer oils

  • TOTAL ISOVOLTINE BIO: biodegradable insulating oil.
  • TOTAL ISOVOLTINE II : pure non-inhibited mineral insulating oil.

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Lubricating oil for gas engines

Total has created a range of lubricants – NATERIA - specifically designed to guarantee the efficiency of your gas engines.

Our range of detergent oils for gas engines and motor-compressors has the advantage of being compatible with all types of fuel. NATERIA lubricants comply with equipment manufacturers’ requirements, providing maximum protection for gas engines. Use of oils from this range will help improve gas engine efficiency. The excellent quality of our products guarantees visible improvements such as:

  • Extended oil change intervals
  • Better thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and nitration
  • Considerable anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties
  • Reduction in the formation of deposits

Our products for all applications :


Mineral oil for natural gas engines, whether or not it is used in cogeneration


Mineral oil for natural gas and biogas engines : sewage treatment plants, liquid manure, landfill sites.


Hydrockracked mineral oil for natural gas engines operating under harsh conditions


Synthetic PAO oil for natural gas engines operating under harsh conditions


Mineral oil for landfill gas engines with a controlled H2S content


Mineral oil for 2-stroke and 4-stroke gas engines and motor-compressors


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Lubricating oil for nuclear industry

Plant productivity and safe operation are major issues in nuclear power plants. Total industrial lubricants help you to attain these objectives. Total's oils, greases and cooling fluids are the result of extended studies and knowledge of nuclear power plants, are used by numerous players on the market and meet the most stringent technical specifications of equipment manufacturers.

In particular, our lubricants meet the requirements set out in company specifications such as those of EDF, through PMUC approval for nuclear power plants.

Our priority is to provide for the maintenance and proper lubrication of your nuclear power plants; you will find appropriate lubricants for your purposes among our full range.

PRESLIA oils are particularly suitable for lubricating steam turbines in nuclear power plants. The exceptional performance of these oils contributes to safely optimizing the output of your equipment.

Our products for all applications:




  • TOTAL PRESLIA: Lubricates all types of turbines


Hydraulic regulation systems


  • TOTAL HYDRANSAFE FR NSG 38: hydraulic fluid - low flammability

Safety motors




  • TOTAL DISOLA SGS:PMUC approved for safe emergency startup under full power


Filter drums

  • TOTAL MULTIS COMPLEX EP: for heavy-duty applications
  • TOTAL BIOADHESIVE PLUS: biodegradable grease for protecting mechanical components in contact with water

Cooling fluid


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Lubricating oil for hydroelectricity industry

The jewel in the crown of the renewable energy industry, hydroelectric power plants have pride of place not only in France, but also around the world. Energy from dams, generated in hydroelectric power plants accounts for almost a fifth of global energy production.

Hydroelectric power plants have to use high-quality maintenance products to ensure optimum efficiency and safety. Total's industrial lubricants are a comprehensive range of high-quality and high-performance oils meeting both of these requirements. The fact that the group is present around the world guarantees supplies for your entire network of hydroelectric power plants and ensures compliance with all standards in the sector.

Our priority is to provide for the maintenance and proper lubrication of your hydroelectric power plants; you will find appropriate lubricants among our full range.

Our products for all applications:

Bearings, thrust bearings and rotating components

  • TOTAL BIOPRESLIA HT: High-performance biodegradable oil based on saturated synthetic esters. Complies with OECD 301C, D, E, F.
  • TOTAL PRESLIA: Turbine oil formulated to safely improve the output of your equipment

Hydraulic circuits

  • TOTAL BIOHYDRAN TMP, TOTAL BIOHYDRAN SE : biodegradable lubricants for hydraulic circuits.
  • TOTAL AZOLLA range


  • The TOTAL CARTER range covers a wide variety of applications and operating constraints. CARTER BIO is the biodegradable version.



  • TOTAL ISOVOLTINE BIO: biodegradable insulating oil.
  • TOTAL ISOVOLTINE II: Pure non-inhibited mineral insulating oil.

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