carter xep

CARTER XEP is a new-generation lubricant formulated with very high performance additives. This oil is designed for use with all types of heavily loaded industrial gearboxes


Customer Benefits

  • Keeps parts clean
  • Extends service life
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Reduces micropitting


  • DIN 51517 Partie 3 CLP
  • ISO 12925
  • US STEEL 224

carter xep

" We would like to thank TOTAL Lubricants China for their great support to our maintenance team as their recommendation, we choose to use CARTER XEP

After more than one year using, the good performance and effect is obvious such as the excellent lubricants capability and also the temperature has been reduced. We are happy to use CARTER XEP in our plant and cooperate with TOTAL Lubricants "

Lafarge Cement Group,



Gear TOST (ISO 4263)

CARTER XEP offers remarkable anti-oxidation stability. The technology used in this oil effectively extends the drain interval while providing optimal equipment protection.

carter xep



Micropitting is one of the first phases of gear-tooth deterioration under heavy loads. Micropitting failure develops very small pitts on the tooth surface giving a grayish appearance. The small pitts coalesce creating larger ones and leads to loss of material (scuffing) and change in the profite of tooth flanks

carter xep

FZG micropitting test (FVA 54/7)

carter xep

In performance level 10-High of the FZG micropitting test,

CARTER XEP distinguishes itself by slowing down wear significantly. CARTER XEP delays the appearance of micropitting, therefore increasing your gearbox lifetime.

CARTER XEP is an effective lubrication solution for all types of industrial gearboxes operating in aggressive and harsh environments with strong constraints.


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