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Biodegradable Lubricants for industry


Commitment to the environment is central to the priorities of Total lubricants.

Legislation for bio-lubricants or biodegradable lubricants is very strictly controlled. The OECD defines these types of lubricants by virtue of their low toxicity and also their ability to be rapidly decomposed by living organisms.

1 liter of oil can pollute 1,000,000 liters of water and so we offer manufacturers a wide selection of biodegradable lubricants to meet the full spectrum of their requirements in terms of respect for the environment, productivity and also maintenance cost reduction.

Total Lubricants manufactures its bio-lubricants from vegetable oils, mainly rapeseed oil but also synthetic esters. Each base has its own particular advantages:

  • Vegetable oils are almost 100% biodegradable and are inexpensive.
  • Synthetic oils are better at resisting oxidation, ensuring a longer service life.

Total biodegradable lubricants are some of the most efficient on the market. Their technical specifications and customer benefits are at least as significant as those of conventional lubricants:

Technical specifications Customer benefits
  • High viscosity index
  • Reduction in the quantities of product lost through evaporation
  • Low pour point and viscosity levels that remain low at low temperature
Longer equipment service life
  • Engine parts protected against corrosion
  • Energy savings through a reduction in friction
  • High flashpoint
  • Guaranteed high levels of biodegradability and very low to zero toxicity
The reliability and safety of your operations
  • Safety of operators and respect for their health
  • The risk of pollution is prevented


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