Fuel Economy


One step ahead

Total is a front-ranking player in the field of Fuel Economy lubricants. In fact we’ve already been developing and marketing this type of lubricant for more than 15 years. By offering our customers ever more efficient Fuel Economy lubricants, they have become both a tradition and an innovation driver at Total Lubricants. Backed by that strategy, Total lubricants is now positioned as one of the world leaders in Fuel Economy with the widest range on the market and performance characteristics validated by manufacturers and by the Total EcoSolution label.

Fuel Economy technology for everyone

Designed to provide maximum protection for the engines of our vehicles, improve their running, improve their performance and enable major fuel savings, the TOTAL Fuel Economy range is today used in numerous types of vehicles (cars, heavy goods vehicles, etc.) and industrial machinery (agricultural, public works, etc.).

Fuel Economy quality approved by vehicle manufacturers and users

Developed in the TOTAL laboratories, Fuel Economy lubricants have undergone a whole series of complete tests. Full-scale trials on entire vehicle fleets, tests in independent laboratories... Each time, the excellent results of Fuel Economy lubricants were confirmed. Improved engine performance and lifespan, improvement in the engine protection capacity, extended transmission life, reduction in servicing and running costs*, increase in profit, performance and protection. There are numerous Fuel Economy advantages.

When performance and technology combine with eco-efficiency

Using TOTAL Fuel Economy lubricants also means making a gesture for the environment. By improving the performance of your engine, FE lubricants also appreciably reduce your fuel consumption*. And ecology rhymes with economy. This is also the commitment to Fuel Economy products.

(*) The use of TOTAL FE engine oil (RUBIA TIR 7900 FE 10W-30) can reduce fuel consumption by up to 1.8%. By comparison with standard lubricants: 15W-40 CJ-4 engine oil, standard SAE 50 and 75W-90 lubricants. The combined use of TOTAL FE products may reduced fuel consumption by up to 3%. Engine oil (RUBIA TIR 7900 FE 10W-30) + gear lubricant (TRANSMISSION SYN SAE 50) + lubricant for axles and gears (TRANSMISSION XRD FE 75W-90).


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