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Research and development


Innovation has always been a priority for Total Lubricants, backed by our research centres. The technical expertise of the teams and their on-going research efforts mean they can design and develop leading-edge products and solutions, immediately adapted to the latest technological developments.

The Research department has three dedicated facilities to provide you with pertinent, effective assistance for the development of your products:

  1. The TRTG (Total Research & Technology Center in Gonfreville), close to Le Havre. This center, which serves both M&S and Refining & Chemicals, hosts some of our engine testing equipment and an oil blending facility.
  2. The Technical Center based in Mumbai, India (TCAP: Technical Center Asia Pacific). Located in close proximity to our customers and partners in Asia-Pacific, the most recent M&S research facility offers you its technical know-how on specialty products: lubricants, bitumen, fuel additives and special fluids.
  3. The Research Center in Solaize, close to Lyon (CReS). This center, which is located near the Feyzin refinery and the French Petroleum Institute, is specialized in motor fuels, lubricants and bitumen. The Lubricants Department of the CRES is the benchmark for Lubricants Research. The activities of our researchers range from improving knowledge about base oils to the development of performance products. The lubricants formulated are used for applications in the fields of transport and industry, as well as for harsher uses such as in Motorsports. The Lubricants Department provides high-added value solutions and services in compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements.

Our role:

  • Conceiving and developing new product ranges for M&S.
  • Continually being on the lookout for present and future obstacles in the technical and scientific environment of the Division's activities to better overcome them;
  • Enabling M&S to take a position on future engine technologies and participate in their development, if necessary;
  • Exploring disruptive topics that might lead us to revolutionary solutions over the long-term.

Our drivers

  • Making engines consume less and pollute less every day;
  • Anticipating and meeting the needs of M&S customers wherever they are, be it to improve their competitiveness, support their geographic development or assist them with their sustainable development;
  • Finding ways to comply with the different regulations that concern our products;
  • Contributing to the development of Total's image of excellence with each of our efforts.

Our resources:

  • Recognized skills in many scientific disciplines, including chemistry, analysis, formulation, tribology, mathematics, statistics, mechanical engineering, and engine technology.
  • Tools for testing at the forefront of innovation: engine test bench and chassis dynamometers for measuring product performance under standardized, repeatable conditions (consumption, wear, fouling, pollution) on different types of engines and vehicles including trucks and marine engines.
  • Sophisticated analytical facilities: Plasma assay, analysis by X-ray fluorescence, infrared, gas or liquid chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, to assist in the formulation of products thanks to the molecular understanding of the phenomena and effects observed.
  • Support teams in scientific computing, documentation and technical intelligence, industrial property, quality, and safety.

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