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Used oils

Used Oils

Used oils are divided into two categories:

  • So-called clear oils, of industrial origin and little deteriorated in use, which can easily be regenerated through a simple purification process (filtering and/or centrifugation)
  • So-called dark oils, mainly originating from automotive lubrication, which have been subject to severe thermal and mechanical conditions, under which they have been loaded with metals and combustion residues and oxidized.

Neither of these oils should be confused with used soluble oils and other aqueous machining fluids, or vegetable frying oils, or water-hydrocarbon mixtures for which entirely different methods for collection and disposal are used.

Are used oils hazardous for the environment?

Used oils are hardly biodegradable; their disposal in the environment is therefore hazardous for natural systems; i.e.
1liter of oil pollutes 1 million liters of water

Please NEVER :

  • Throw used oils in waste traps, waste fills, gutter or drains.
  • Use used oils as a weed-killer.
  • Use used oils for protecting woodwork.
  • Use used oils as heating fuels

Where to store used oils?
You should have leakproof facilities to store the used oils awaiting collection. These facilities should be accessible to collection vehicles.

How do used oils get collected?

  • Used oils should be handed over to :
  • An approved recycler
  • An approved waste center
  • An approved final disposal agent.

According to countries, the conditions for collection may vary. Indeed they depend both on used oil volume and legal framework. You should thus contact your local distributor in case you need any further information.

How can I reduce the volumes of used oils I produce?

The lubricant quality is highly related to the volume of used oils that is generated. Accordingly, Total Lubricants has developed high quality lube oils which provide longer periods between oil changes, and so an actual reduction in the production of waste oil.

What happens to used oils after collection?

Used oils, after collection, may follow different routes for their treatment :

  • Clear used oils are mainly recycled
  • Dark used oils are either regenerated, or incinerated in cement works, or burned in specialized centres (for energy recovery).

Did you know?

Total Lubricants has developed high quality lube oils enabling less oil changes and thus reducing waste oil production.

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