bandeau xld fe

ATF for the latest generation of automatic transmissions in passenger cars

Product specificaly developed to meet the highly stringent requirements of Allison, ZF and Voith automated transmissions.

Main product's benefits in the twinkling of an eye :

visuel fluidmatic XLD FE


A product to guarantee very extended drain intervals

XLD FE Fluid guarantees optimum performance and protection of an automatic transmission while extending the fluid drain intervals

The fleet trials conducted on a fleet of Man and Volvo buses fitted with Allison, ZF and Voith transmiszions demonstrated, thanks to the use of the Fluid XLD FE, an extension of the drain intervals until 160,000 km under normal operating conditions and to 80,000 km under harsh use conditions.

xld fe visuel 2

A product which guarantee fuel economy  

Based on a high performance technology, the XLD FE Fluid reduces the fuel consumption

fluidmatic xld fe visuel 3

A technically high-performance lubricant

  • Extended drain and servicing intervals (fluid change required half as often compared to a fluid with a 14B level and 4 times less compared to a 14A level).
  • Reduction in the oil filter replacement frequency.
  • Reduced vehicle down time.
  • Extended transmission life.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to extended drain intervals and fuel savings
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