Fluidmatic MV LV

Fluidmatic MV LV

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Automatic transmission fluid developed for the latest generation of high efficiency 6 and 7 speed planetary gearboxes.

New multi-purpose ATF Low Viscosity for the latest generation of 6-speed automatic transmissions

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  • Automatic transmission fluid for the latest generation of high efficiency 6 and 7 speed planetary gearboxes

TOTAL FLUIDMATIC MV LV is suitable for use in automatic transmissions requiring either GM dexron, VI, Ford Mercon LV, Mercedes Benz approvals, Nissan Matic S, Hyundai/Kia SP-IV, Honda Z1 or Toyota T-WS fluid specification.


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 A lubricant with exceptional friction and anti-shudder performances

Fluidmatic MV LV has been formulated with selected friction modifiers which provide excellent friction characteristics. These improve driver's comfort with smooth and efficient shifting without shudder

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A lubricant with outstanding film-strenght and antiwear properties for best performances

Fluidmatic MV LV provides a strong protection against oxidation over time and protection of the transmission.

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A lubricant with exceptional oxidation resistance for a better longevity of the transmission

Fluidmatic MV LV provides a very good oxidation control of the fluid over time even in very severe conditions.


A technically low viscosity high performance lubricant

  • Fluidmatic MV LV remains shear stable over time providing extended life time of the fluid.
  • Fluidmatic CVT MV provides signifiant fuel economy benefits
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