Oil viscosity chart

oil viscosty chart

The term oil viscosity chart is not specifically linked to the lubricants business: we speak of viscosity chart to compare some liquids’ viscosity in each the 3 standard measurement units.(Centipoise cp, Centistokes cSt, Saybolt Second Universal (SSU) For example, when you order a liquid filling machine, you can use this viscosity chart to compare your liquid viscosity with one of these liquids to help your supplier understand your needs.

Relating to oil, we rather use the following 2 terms:

  • Viscosity Converting Chart or viscosity conversion chart: it is a viscosity converting table between units like Centipoises, milliPascal, CentiStokes and SSU
  • Viscosity Comparison Chart :it gives the viscosity in Centipoises according to the type of oil (motor oil, gear oil,…)


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