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How to change oil in car? How to do an oil change?


Engine oil changing has to be well prepared.

Before learning how to change engine oil, we remind you that checking engine oil color will not give you any information about its degradation

If you wonder how to change motor oil, you have have to check if you have all information needed:

In some cases, car oil change can be easy, in other cases you need special tools.

How much oil needed for oil change? How much oil do I need for a oil change ? It depends on the size of your engine. For a passenger car, you need between 3 and 7 liters but in some cases, for cars with a dry oil sump it can be 10 to 12 liters and even more. The exact oil volume is indicated in your user manual or can be asked to your service partner. The oil filter has to be changed at the same time. Therefore the oil volume is slightly higher when you renew the oil filter at the same time.

Before change car oil : be aware that the engine oil is a highly sensitive part of your engine.

  • Diesel oil change /How to oil change - Step 1: check if you are skilled. Have you already changed oil by your own? Do you know where do you drain the oil?
  • Engine oil change/ How to do oil change - Step 2: Before starting you should check if you have the tools to open the drain screw and the oil filter tool. In modern cars there are electronic service indicators which have to be reseated.
  • How do you change oil - Step 3: Your service partner is trained to carry out Lube oil change on different cars. The equipment you need for and the way to proceed can change according to the year, model and brand of your vehicle. When you are not familiar with oil changes, we recommend to ask your service partner for a personal training or to let him carry out the oil change.
  • Change oil car/ How to change my oil -Step 4 : There are different ways to change your oil. The classic way is to drain the oil by a special plug in the oil pan. But in some cars there is a so called dry oil sump where the oil is stored in a separate oil tank and pumped during engine run back in the engine

Change the oil/ How do I change my oil In some cases it is more comfortable to change the oil by aspiring with a special oil sucker like a vacuum cleaner. The oil is sucked out by a pipe which has to be introduced in the dipstick tube.

How to flush engine oil?/ How to drain oil from car? In some cases it is better to suck out the oil by the dipstick tube to prevent dirt und dust coming into the engine. You should be aware that a little quantity of oil in the oil pan will remain. By draining the oil through the plug, the remaining oil is minimized.

How to change oil on a car /The most secure and comfortable way is certainly to suck the oil out.

How to change the oil in your car / How do you change oil in your car –It takes more time to drain the oil by the plug in the oil pan. Often there are some parts to be removed before getting access to the oil pan which takes also some minutes more. Sucking the oil by the dip stick pipe is certainly the quickest way.

    How to change your oil /How to do a oil change on a car- How to change oil filter?

  1. First of all, you might wonder when to change oil filter? It depends on the condition of your car and driving habits. As there is remaining oil and wear particles in the filter when the oil is drained, we advise you to change the oil filter at the same time as the engine oil.

    We advise to use only genuine parts which are approved by the car manufacturer. There are big differences in oil filter quality. Do not take any risk in using non approved parts for your engine..

  2. How to change oil filter?

    Oil filter can be located directly on the engine block or near by the engine in the engine department. There are screw cartouches or cylindrical paper filters which are located in a special housing. Before changing the cartridge you have to remove a cover.

    There is special knowledge needed to carry out an oil filter change. We highly recommend to contact your service partner for these specific information or to let him carry out car oil changes!


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