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It’s hard to find high quality motor oils. You can see understand better below the added value of our QUARTZ motor oils compared to “classic” motor oils

Engine oil user guide

Engine oil user guide

Ordinary engine oils may claim: Cans TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil truly are:
« Approved for use in after-sales » Valid Formulated in collaboration with car manufacturers, used for factory fills and recommended for use in after-sales
« Laboratory-tested » Valid Feature technologies which are approved by manufacturers for their future engines
« Provide protection » Valid Able to withstand all types of wear, clogging and oxidation in engines and pollution control systems
« Deliver performance » Valid The winning technology in motorsports competitions of the highest level (Formula One, Rally events, Endurance, Paris-Dakar, etc.)
« Extended range of applications » Valid Able to combine universal solutions with niche applications
« A recognised brand » Valid High-profile products that are used in more than 130 countries. TOTAL is a partner of some of the world’s biggest manufacturers including Infiniti Red Bull, Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Lotus, Nissan, Great Wall Motors, Toyota and others

Supported by the Total brand, it sponsors and is a partner of a number of major media events, such as the Copa TOTAL Sudamericana, the release of the film "Robocop", the Facebook engine race, etc.
« Innovation » Valid At the cutting edge of new "Fuel Economy" direct injection engine developments, hybrid engines, 3-cylinder engines… and engines that excel in all possible ways to reduce friction!

If you want to go even further,discover our lubricants’ homologations, description, technical sheet, safety data sheet (SDS) visit our online catalogue


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